I've been a photographer as far back as I can remember.  My first camera was my grandfather's old Zeiss in a worn brown leather case.  I recall it had 3 main settings I could understand -- single person, people, and mountains.  I also remember it needing to go in for repairs to the shutter after one or two drop (eh hem).  

I was often the subject of my father and aunt's photography as they documented travels and a perfectly 1970s early childhood.  Think toddler dancing in front of her house and holding a beer can at the Florida beach.  As I grew older, I recall my father wandering European streets at night with his tripod and the stories about how maybe that's not such a good idea in front of nervous embassy guards.  

Meanwhile I gravitated to the point and shoots -- the new Cannon Sure Shot in some lovely 80s color -- to take photos of beach days, school trips and slumber parties.  I stayed with various point and shoots for years always with the anxious awaiting the 1-hour photo shop to deliver joyous prints.

It wasn't until my daughter was born and DSLRs were more common that I dove head first into having more control over what I made.  I found a love of natural light and wanted to take images not requiring an on-camera flash.  I also had time on my hands and spent plenty of time watching a sweet baby sleep.  And the DSLRs had no limit on how many images I wanted to capture that day.  (oh and the instant feedback... love the instant feedback).

Fast forward 8 years and my love for photography has expanded to finding beauty in the everyday.  Seeing connections between people-- be they playmates or children and parents.  Finding gorgeous light or delicate nature even in an otherwise harsh environment.  

This site is how I make my art tangible.  How I share this hobby with friends, family, photographers and sometimes perfect strangers.  I hope you enjoy viewing my creations.



I can be contacted at greta@gsgphotography.com.